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Lockouts - No Job Is Too Difficult

Lockouts | Macomb Towing LLC - Warren, MI

Do you know where your keys are right now? Hopefully they’re in your pocket or on the kitchen counter, right where you left them. But every now and then, unfortunately, the correct answer is “right there, dangling from the ignition.” In those situations, it’s time to call Macomb Towing LLC. Our expert operators have seen hundreds of lockouts in Warren, MI, more embarrassing than yours, and have satisfactorily resolved all of them.

Services we provide include:
Opening Cars—Most lockouts involve keys accidentally locked inside of vehicles. In these situations, one of our team members can quickly and safely pick the lock on your door, retrieving your keys.
Making New Keys—If you’re unlucky enough to have lost your key completely, our skilled technicians can produce a new one for you at a competitive rate.
Copying Existing Keys—While it won’t get you out of every sticky situation, one easy and cost effective solution to lockouts is to have spare keys made ahead of time and give them to family members or friends. Our affiliated locksmiths also provide key copying services during regular working hours. A few dollars spent now might save you a pricier call in the future.

Lockouts are frustrating, but fortunately they can usually be resolved in a very short amount of time, provided you know who to call. Keep the number for Macomb Towing LLC available, and we’ll put your keys back in your hand where they belong.