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About Us  | Macomb Towing LLC - Warren, MI

At Macomb Towing LLC, we believe in the value of hard work and doing right by our community. That’s why when a stranded motorist calls us, they know they’ll get fast service at a fair price, at any time of day, in any weather conditions. People all over Warren, MI, can testify to the help we’ve provided them over the years. If you give us a call the next time you need a helping hand for your vehicle, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied as well.

No one is more dedicated to the safety of Michigan’s roads and highways than us. Our efficient dispatchers and skilled truck operators work together as a team to make sure every call is handled as quickly as possible and that every client gets the best possible outcome for their situation. Put our phone number on speed dial, and call Macomb Towing LLC the next time you need a helping hand with tow, a jumpstart, or a lock.